Sunday, January 16, 2022

11. Relaxed busy day.

 This was my biggie for today. I made a by-the-recipe raisin oatmeal cookies batch.  Then I made these (shown above).

These are known in the family as 'Junque Cookies'.  I played with the spelling for fun, but basically it amounts to, basic cookie recipe, add anything that would seem okay on, or in, cookies, bake, eat.  

And I might add, there are little to no measurements for these. Let's see, this was, one box white cake mix, extra egg.  

There's where the measurements stop. 

White chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, coconut shreds, some oat granola with almonds. Vanilla. Hmmm. A blob of crunchy peanut butter about the size of my fist. And I topped it off with toffee and chocolate bits on top. 

10 minutes in a hot oven, and ta-da, dessert!

Husband was surprised how quickly I can get through making cookies.  I guess I enjoy the process, have everything laid out beforehand, and have done cookies so many times, I have muscle memory of sorts. 

This is the first, and second, batch for this year. The last batches were made well before Christmas, and we're finally eaten in the last day or so.  Off to the races for the new year, I guess!

And a t-shirt I saw that made me chuckle, "Oatmeal Raisin cookies are why I have trust issues." 

Can't please everyone!


messymimi said...

Learning a quick and easy cookie recipe makes everyone happy.

The t-shirt, i think, is referencing that the person grabbed one thinking it was a chocolate chip...

Cat said...


npmckay said...

But raisin oatmeal is good too, even if it's not what you expected. How about raisin chocolate chip oatmeal? Then you have it all with just the surprise of chewiness and cinnamon.

Cat said...

Actually, chocolate raisin oatmeal is a good type of cookie... I like it, anyway.