Tuesday, January 18, 2022

12. Twirling and twirling.

 Husband made me two nostepinnes for Christmas.  I will show them later, but here is one, with a fairly nice yarn ball/cake I made with it. 

I did spinning yesterday, from another Christmas present, fiber a friend dyed for me. (Love me some red!!!!)
The goal is to make enough yarn for a pair of gloves I saw in a knitting magazine. Instead of knitting them in the round, they are knit "vertically", from little finger to thumb. I have actually knitted the pattern before, but the glove came out big huge massive.  So, I will make this yarn up, then do a LOT of measuring before, and when, I knit.

I haven't spun in a while, I have mildly sore spots in my arms... Maybe 6 hours was just a bit ambitious. (Blush)


npmckay said...

Those are great colors! And I'm not a fan of red for obvious reasons. What's a nostepinnes? Is that like a drop spindle?

messymimi said...

But it's so hard to stop when you are doing something you enjoy.

Cat said...

Nostepinne is a yarn winder. I think someone had a sense of humor naming it, it translates as 'nest-stick'!

Cat said...

Yes, I do that more often than I should, and I have the sore muscles to prove it!!