Saturday, May 20, 2023

3. Socks, stuff, and... Surgery?


This is an unusual pair of socks for me. I normally don't get them to match. Even when I make the effort, (which isn't all that often, but occasionally), it's usually off sometimes by a stripe, once, the whole foot was different due to a problem the yarn. Doesn't show when I am wearing shoes, but bugs me nonetheless... So, hooray!

We have been feeding the birds here for a while, and so we see several different kinds, hummingbirds, they have a feeder all their own. Then we have general bird feeders, and a suet feeder. Wow, do we see a lot of birds with those! The ones I recognize, scrub jay, gold finch, chickadees, several different sparrows, nuthatches, starlings, grosbeaks, and many more... 

Including cowbirds.  

Ever been to a party, where one person is a loud jerk who eats all the food, and hasn't a clue when to leave? You have met the human version of a cowbird.  I have taken to throwing yarn balls at the windows to run them off. The little jerks go to a different feeder, so by the time I get them to go, there can be 6 or 7 yarn balls on the floor. At least yarn balls are not destructive. Makes a bit of a thunk on the window to get them to go. Mostly. Occasionally, physically going to the window and knocking is needed. 


We also have a feeder for crows. I put peanuts and scraps out for them. I don't know if it's the same as the ones I called Heckle and Jeckle. They are a couple, one is a tree look out, the other eats some. Then they trade places. They even have a specific call, sort of a short growl, when they see me walking down to the feeder with food. They stick near our house, and seem to have a nest nearby. 

We also have a Canada Goose couple that might have a nest near a pond close by. They graze a lot at the neighbor's place. But we can still watch them. 

Oh, and the latest visitors... 

We had a skunk get hit in the road, in front of our front yard. Small favor, the stink gland wasn't punctured, just smacked the skunk off the road.  Husband threw it into the ditch, and covered it with gravel, until we could get some lime to cover it.  Well, today, we had about 7 Turkey Vultures show up and have a meal.  I don't know how they can tolerate it, but the critter is going away. But right now the smell is... Not great.  I was joking that the Addams family would love us! 

So, I am in a waiting period.  I kept trying to get my ankle to work better, since my knee now does what it's supposed to.  No such luck. 

I was all set up for surgery, and then my insurance said wait a minute, we don't think you've done enough. So right now, my doctor is going to bat for me, and I am trying to keep active, so I don't lose what I've gained in my knee.

I am to the point where I use a cane or stick, and over the counter pain meds for anything more than a few steps. I have the occasional good day, but I still hurt, even then. My biggest problem was that I was all ready to have the surgery, and was wanting it over. I tend to internalize, and was having nightmares. Well, knowing me, once we get the new date, I get to go through the whole process again! But, I know it will happen, just a matter of when. 

As Mr. Petty said, the waiting is the hardest part.  

At least we have all we need for medical supplies. Between previous surgeries, and some help from a friend that had a similar surgery, we didn't need anything. This sort of surprised the physician's assistant, who told us we needed x, y, and z, and f would be nice, but it wasn't covered. I told her, not a problem, we don't need anything, we HAVE x, y, z, and borrowed f from a friend. 

Um. Oh. 

Er, and you will have to deal with the toilet, and the bed, as you won't be able to use that leg. Reply, no sweat, we did this for the potty, this for the bed (or will, right before the surgery). We also did this for the shower, too. 

She stopped talking and looked at us. Then smiled, and said, I wish more patients were like you.  (I take it as a compliment, but I really hope more of her patients don't have to go through several surgeries to know what all to do... Yeek!)

So, Husband made me up a tiny garden area, since I won't be able to go out in my usual garden. Basically 2 planters that run along the porch railing.  Fingers in the dirt are a must!  And I have several projects and books put back, not to be touched until after my surgery. (Thankfully, none are perishable!) 

I am not going to say much about not blogging, except that I have been concentrating on the surgery, then busy and spaced... Story of my life, she the space case... Anywho, will try and update more than seasonally after this. 


messymimi said...

My friend, update when you are able and desire to. Friends don't put expectations on friends.

You are in my prayers for them to get that surgery rescheduled quickly and for a good, speedy recovery.

Cat said...

Thank you. As many as I have pulling for me, I am trying to keep positive. I know people care!

Retired Knitter said...

I am facing a surgery as well for renal cancer. There is a tumor on my left kidney. Mid-June. Going through a bunch of testing - imaging now. Hope my insurance doesn’t have a problem with this. No choice. That tumor must come out. Good luck with your surgery.

Retired Knitter said...

Yes, I am in the process of preparing for a surgery. It does eat up considerable focus! the socks look great!!

Cat said...

Retired Knitter- Wow! That is a tad more intensive than mine. Wishing you the absolute best! And yes, focus is intense, wether you want it to be, or not.

And thank you, I thought they came out well.