Monday, February 26, 2024

Learn something new every day...

I like listening to podcasts. Especially old time radio shows.  I was listening to Dragnet, and Joe Friday was tracking down the bad guys, and had to get some extra equipment.

Wasn't really paying deep attention to what he was requesting, until he mentioned checking out a "Thompson". 

A Thompson? 

He proceeded to talk about writing down the serial number, date, and signing the form. 

Huh. Okay... He got this "Thompson", and a shot gun. 

My curiosity was just curious like crazy. What the heck did he check out? I called on my little friend Google, and found out he got...

A Tommy Gun.  I had never, EVER, heard the proper name for it, and just assumed "Tommy Gun" WAS the proper name.  I also learned there is a few other goofy names for that particular weapon. 

Between that, and watching British television, I am getting a bang up education, if I ever take up trivia nights... 

; )

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messymimi said...

Yep, it's amazing how much you can learn listening to the old radio or TV shows.