Sunday, February 25, 2024

Where is that doggie in the cow yard...

 Trying to build my strength up, so I have been walking outside when I can, and the weather isn't ridiculous. It was pretty good, so off I went...

Near the end of the first half of my walk, the neighbors black lab came trotting out on the road. Before I could say or do, he'd slipped through the OTHER neighbors fence, into the little creek on that side, splashed about a little, then ran off in the general direction of the cows. I suspected which neighbor's the dog was, and heading to go tell them, a pickup buzzed around the corner, and the gent asked if I'd seen a black lab. Yep, out in the cow field over there. He took off. Passed right by the dog and down the road...


Well, okay. 

I started back homeward, and said lab decided to go to the barn near me. Huh. Don't remember the dog's name, no lead or rope, darn. Okay, just keep an eye on the dog, the guy should be back soon. 

I hope.

Next thing I hear another vehicle, and a gal pulls up, have you seen a black- there he is! She pulls in by the barn, dog sees her and jumps in. She told me it was x neighbor's dog, and she would get it back. Then drove over to the one I had suspected was the owner. (The dog is a dang Houdini!) 

Meanwhile, the guy is driving back towards me. I flag him down, let him know his wife has the dog, and she's over there, pointed at the wife waving wildly at him. 

The dog was safe, returned where he needed to be, I got some exercise, and I guess a bit of entertainment, too!

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messymimi said...

Some dogs are escape experts. I've known people who could not keep the dog in, no matter what they did. I'm glad he got back home safely this time.