Friday, March 01, 2024

In like a lion. Meow!

Someone needs to dumb slap Puxatawny Phil, however you spell his name. Early spring, my repaired foot!! We got mixed snow and rain today, and are supposed to possibly get a bit of snow tomorrow. My gardening is going to be daydreaming for a bit longer.

Next book is tentatively The Friday Night Knitting Club. Mostly because I didn't want a murder mystery, didn't feel like the language from a couple historical stories, and I am trying to read a variety of things.

I exercised later today, started laundry when I got up instead... I don't know how two people can make so darn much laundry... And I suspect more me, than he!! 

Oh, well, it is finished for a bit. 

We have yet another chicken that wants to hide eggs. I think they must be temp help for the Easter Bunny.  Meh, I found it, and it is now clean and in the fridge. 

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