Thursday, April 18, 2024

Don Quixote.

 So, finished up with it. Not bad! I still feel like it's a bit of a 1600's version of Dumb and Dumber, with a little Mean Girls thrown in for spice... But I suppose I am also looking (obviously) at it from a very modern standpoint.  

I have the sneaking suspicion, especially in the case of the well off folks, having someone around for amusement, and setting up situations where they get him to do something, and they are entertained... Well, no one was harmed, I guess. In fact, when he was actually treated like a knight, and Sancho Paza was given the chance to rule an "island", they really made a pretty good show of themselves. (Well, Sancho maybe needed to have someone military there, but since that was part of the stunt... Shrug.

I still wondered about him letting king's criminals go, with no repercussions.  I would think if someone notified the king, i.e., the soldiers taking care of the prisoners, Don Quixote would be the next "rowing recruit", if not heading for the gibbet!! But, as my Husband is fond of saying, it's in the script. Or book, in this case...

This translation had several footnotes, and that allowed for some jokes and play on words that I wouldn't have been privy to otherwise. 

It was a bit sad when he was defeated, I keep wondering if the author had him die, because he loved what he was doing, for good or ill, he just couldn't give it up.  My thoughts, anyway. 

So, I give this book a Very Good. I find it ironic, however, I read it with the itty bitty type, and the itty bitty-er footnotes... I was looking through my e books. I had Don Quixote, I could have read it with inch high type, had I wanted. Might not have been the same translation, but but visually, much easier to see. So be it, I read it and enjoyed it. 

Next book is going to be either a Western or Pioneer era history. I will update when I have decided on the book. 

And think good thoughts, the trees here are blooming, everything is sprouting... And my eyes and nose are not taking it well. Drip, drip, scratch, sneeze, oh what a pain it is... 


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messymimi said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is good, that's why it has lasted.