Sunday, April 21, 2024

Don't judge a movie by its actor?

There are Friday Movies my family goes to from time to time. Haven't been going to many of them because of my surgery, so going back to visit some of the "regulars" and see a film, and spend a bit of time with family that isn't grocery shopping is nice.

They have had everything from Errol Flynn in Robin Hood, to some pretty modern ones. Running debate about showing Barbie, for example... 

The one on was "Murder Mystery" with Adam Sandler.  Not my favorite actor, by a long shot. But I had told Mom I'd be there. So, I brought my knitting, as they leave the hallway light on, so there is enough light to do so, if the story was meh. 

I was set to not be impressed.  Well, I must say, it still wasn't something I would have been first in line to see... 

That being said, it was fairly funny, had some good lines, and a decent story.  It was part of the story, but the one part that bugged me was ruining a gorgeous red Ferrari.  Hey, what's a million or so for a funny scene.  : ( 

I truly hope it was a fake rig. But anyway. I will say the movie wasn't too bad. 


In other news, started the book. Turns out, it was a Christmas gift from Grandma to Grandpa.  And Grandma had a couple names marked in the  back, that make me think they were family... I guess I will have to read more to find out! 

The author was talking about his Mother, and some of the German dishes she made.  I would have been very happy to have dinner there, my Grandpa on Mom's side, and Mom, made, and make several of the same dishes. If I don't start nibbling the pages, it should be a good read!

; )

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messymimi said...

I'm glad the movie wasn't bad, having to sit through that can be tedious.

German food is delightful.