Saturday, April 20, 2024

Ten, again!

 Linky bits.

1. Husband was able to use things around the shop and fence to make the deer fence around my garden. And I will be able to mow under it so it won't look scraggly. 

2. I am getting my seeds together for my garden. Yay!  And one of the catalogs has a recipe for corn/tomato sauce for pasta.  I am hoping to grow multi color corn, so that should make it decorative!

3. Speaking of seeds, I thought the company I had bought the seeds from had forgotten one packet. I wrote to them, and they IMMEDIATELY sent out a replacement package.  Cough. Then I found the one I thought was missing stuck to another packet. Eep. But I am thankful for Botanical Interests being so on the ball, and helpful! Believe me, there are a few... Not so much. 

4. I am thankful for all the new growth on the trees and in the fields. Okay, I could do without my seasonal allergies, but the rest is great. 

5. I got up way too early one day this last week, couldn't go back to sleep. So I was able to watch the sunrise from almost blackness, to sun rays glinting across the neighbors field. I am always thankful when I can do that, it's so beautiful to me.

6. Realizing how much I have. Knowing that until recently, having a hundred books would be considered a rich man's treasure. I have much more than that, to the point I am sorting and sharing with a charity, so others can enjoy them. And that's just the real books. I think I am up to a thousand and some in my e book collection... 

7. The swallows are moving into the bird houses by the windows. Baby birds will not be far behind! 

8. Most of my seeds have sprouted. Some better than others, but there is more where that came from! 

9. I am getting some knitting/crochet projects close to finished, giving me the kick in the tush to finish them so I can focus on other things!  ;)

10. And not me personally, but I'm thankful that an Oregon historical building, Timberline Lodge, didn't burn down! I'm thankful for firefighters and observant folks caught it and took quick action. 

If you're interested...


messymimi said...

I was interested and am also glad the building was saved.

Good for your husband getting the fence done, I hope your garden gives you a bounty to share just as you're sharing your books.

Lisa Tomey said...

It's so satisfying to have a happy garden! Love your thankfuls.

clark said...

funny thing about wakeup times, I totally love early/early time of day. (Of course the price is 'Are you falling asleep? It's only 8:00 pm!')