Friday, May 17, 2024


 I don't know exactly what has gotten into Ding, but she has decided to play more. She found one of her wooden beads, large, so she won't hurt herself with it. Late at night I am hearing her play hockey with it in the front room. Noisy, but once I realize what I am hearing, I chuckle and go back to sleep. 

She grabbed my hand this morning, and wanted to wrestle some. I have to be fairly careful, she likes to rabbit kick, and it ends up looking like I whipped my arms with blackberry brambles! 

Then she got the "zoomies" when I was going to the back room. Flew past me, cornered, ran somewhere out in the front, heard her stop, meow, then roared back to us in the back. If she had tires, she would have screeched to a halt!

She then sat down, washed, and sauntered out of the room. We laughed.

I think she will sleep well tonight. At least until she finds her bead again... 

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messymimi said...

It's spring and she wants to hunt, but doesn't have to in order to get a meal. That energy comes out.

You can buy things like 'nip 'nanners and other kick toys for cats to save your forearms.