Saturday, May 18, 2024

Thanks be! Ten, I see!

 Linky bits

1. Just because I thought it was adorable, I had bought myself a "squishmallow" at Christmas time.  A picture and cute description. I added Ginger as the first name, so it's Ginger Jones, Esq.

While the little guy is still adorable, I found out it has a great function for me. I hold it if I have to get up and lay on the couch at night. It keeps me from curling up and having pain in the morning. It also holds heat a bit, so that's nice, too.

2. I have two of my raised beds ready to plant. I weeded, placed newspaper as a barrier, then Husband and I put mulch on the top. Two or three years of leaves make a great lot of mulch! 

3. A friend gave me a plant, I had no idea how to care for. A little searching on the interwebs, and I found a care list, along with a half dozen names for the same plant... It's thriving! Yay! (Amish friendship plant)

4. We've managed to get all the Ding nose prints, and bird... Stuff... off of the windows, and are able to see the birds clearly again! Now if I can keep Ding from trying to Persian herself, hitting the window! 

5. Seeing the weather in various spots in the US, (looking at you, messimimi), and seeing all the storms and dangerous weather, I am complaining a lot less about our weather turning cold and wet again. And I am very thankful for the weather to get garden prep finished!!!

6. I am enjoying the garden book my instructor recommended. I gather there are a couple more books the gal wrote, too. Might look at them later, but enjoying this one.

7. Husband is having his yearly allergy attack. It comes right as mine ends... I am thankful that it doesn't last very long for either of us, and if we can get out early, chores are sniff and drip free, generally.

8. 44 years ago, Mount St. Helens blew. I am remembering the crazy ash all over, problems with vehicle's windows and sometimes engines, because of it. I am thankful that everything at the moment is okay, and, oddly, that I am a teeny weenie part of history. 

9. I am thankful I was able to vote freely. We have our primary on the 21st, and can vote by mail. Done and done! 

10. I was worried about a medical procedure, to the point I was going to skip it. My doctor has really been listening to me, and is trying to help me through it. I have a plan this time, so, while not looking forward to it, I am not shivering in my shoes.



Enjoy yourself, have a good one!


messymimi said...

That's a great list. I'll be praying about that procedure. Also, thank you for thinking of us and our bits of rough weather. All is well.

clark said...

envy Mimi but being in southern New England (at least the last couple of years) makes me think of the Pacific Northwest at least who I would imagine it.
Heat is the desired element to climate that is sorely missing this year. That and solar radiation.