Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Huh... Busy?

 I was fairly busy today, I stripped the bed, washed the sheets and covers. (Copious amount of cat hair, gee, wonder where THAT came from?)

I laundered the covers where Husband and Ding sit, too. Then vacuumed the seat. Ding has the unfortunate habit of tracking litter,  and it sifts thru the covers to the seat. 


So, all washed, replaced on couch. 

I found the soil thermometer I was looking for, and put away a couple items outside. 

All of this took most of the day. And except that it looks cleaner, it really doesn't look like I did anything... 


But we had pizza from one of my favorite places, so I didn't have to cook.

Guess it works out... :)

1 comment:

messymimi said...

The only reason we clean is so we don't become one with the fur as it takes over.