Wednesday, July 10, 2024


 I was showing my neighbor my garden, which, except for about 2 plants, seems to be doing well.

She saw the pot of Bok Choi, and commented on how full it is. I said yes, unfortunately, when I started watering the seeds, they were so light they floated over to the one side of the pot, and so I need to thin them out some.

She looked upset, and said, oh, how I hate thinning, you lose all those plants you worked so hard for!

I shrugged, and replied, "I dunno, I call it lunch."

She looked confused, then realized what I meant, and just started cracking up. 


And this is one year since my surgery! Yay for the results!! 

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messymimi said...

Lunch, heeheehee! I'm glad you are doing so much better one year out.