Thursday, October 19, 2006

Presbyterian Chicken House, and Fried Brain.

(No pictures today, I will later, but don't want to deal with yet more computer s... uh. Poop.)

Well, guess I should think about writing this puppy on occasion... I would love to say that I have been to exotic locales, drinking fine fruit juices and looking at handsome men. Ok, Husband IS handsome, to me, but well, exotic. Uh, I did a performance near the faire site, with several faire folke. I think we did pretty good, considering my bodice had a tear right where the wood boning is. Imagine walking around, leaning over, "cheering" a dance, etc., while a chopstick busily impales your stomach. Yep, that about sums it up. Oh, and the fine fruit juices? Costco grape. Does that count?

We have a brand new chicken house. I will post a pic soon, since I did get it painted. Finally. It was in the front yard, so Husband wanted it to look like another building on the property. I have said both that I am going to throw out the chickens and have it as a guest house or studio, and that it will be on next month's "Better Homes and Chicken Houses". (I actually will send a picture of the house to "Backyard Poultry", which I subscribe to, so maybe it will be published in a magazine.

Why Presbyterian, you ask? When we were getting materials, Husband noticed a 10 yard dumpster in front of the local Presbyterian Church. It was during the one rainstorm we had this summer. So, he jumps out, and goes to the church office, where the door was OPEN. Nobody home. So, he then walks to the main door, knocks, neh. Goes to the back. Did I mention it was raining? Dripping, he then finds a door heading to a basement like area. Gets inside a big fence with DANGER- CONSTRUCTION posted all about. NOT A SOUL!!!! (Literally or figuratively...) So, I am thinking, he's got to give up now, right? Neh, again. He finds one door I hadn't noticed, and he opens it and walks in bellowing, HELLLOOOO! Then the door closes, nothing. Suddenly, he opens the door, and there is an older gent gesturing with a hammer. They chat for a bit, then Russ comes back. Says I, no? Says he, We can take as much as we want. So we back up the truck, and get some gloves on (Husband is prepared for these kinds of things), and we proceed to pick out boards from the 10 yarder. We probably took 6 of the ten yards! As we were leaving, someone noticed our dumpster diving antics, and took our parking spot to purloin any other goodies.

The wood is straight grained old growth (Church is... uh, about 100, if I remember rightly), and so we used it for supports and "showy" spots on the house. Husband now says that if we use any of the chickens for dinner, we will have to say special grace over them...

We are helping out with a new Neighborhood Watch. I am sort of helping by printing out the phone list. Thought this would be straight forward... Name, number, tada... WRONG. Turns out several of the neighbors dispise each other. And I found a name of one of my teachers from grade school. The one teacher that I detested. In fact, that was the only year I faked being sick so I wouldn't have to go to school. This worked for a day or two, until Mom noticed I was only sick until the bus left... Uh. Oh, cough. Yeah, still don't feel good, can I go out and get some sunshine? (No, my life of crime didn't last long....) So, Husband says, we need a lead person the police contact, then two columns, one for the ones they like, one for ones they don't. We got the ones they don't. Executive decision, teach went on THEIR list. Heh.


(You knew that was coming, didn't ya?)

But, Husband said he didn't think the list looked right. I should do it on Excel. Ahem. I hate Excel. I don't use Excel unless I am at gunpoint, normally. (And, having only been at literal gunpoint twice in my life, I don't use it much...) So, Husband says, here, I will show you what to do. And commenced showing. My eyes glazed over on a couple items, but I thought I understood. So I started.

I had written the whole list in 15 minutes on Word.

I finally beat the computer in Excel into submission, getting it to look passable in 3 hours. Have I mentioned I hate Excel? I showed the finished product to Husband, pleased that it came out legible, and actually almost like the demo they have in the Neighborhood Watch book. He looked. Then commented, gee, that is pretty close, we just have to make a few changes, I will help you with it later.

Gee, honey, does my sticking this phone list in your ear hurt? AIIIIIGH!

So, now you can see why no pics. I just don't have the heart to do battle with the computer for a bit... Fried Brain. It's what's for dinner. Sheesh.

(On the bright side, the spell check finally worked for me on Blogger... Hope springs eternal...)

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