Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 pints short...

So, this is where I went yesterday.

These are two lovely people, (of, I would guess, about a dozen), that helped with the drawing... Unfortunantly, I didn't get a picture of the gal that actually took my blood, but they were pretty on-the-go at that point, so please forgive...

Well, I was looking forward to my 5 gallon pin. I got all my pins out, yep, 5 gallon, coming up! Then checked the numbers.

36, 37, 38... 38? Ok, math time, how many pints in 5 gallons, hmmm. 40.

Wha?!?!!! 40? But I was sure I was at 5 gallons....

Hmph. Ok, well, fine.


So. I am at 39 pints, as of this drawing, and will get my 5 gallon pin NEXT time.

But still, 4 gallons is kinda cool too. But you gotta admit, 5 will be even cooler. Like an upgrade, or something...

New slogan for Red Cross: Be cool this winter, give blood.

Maybe not.

But do it anyway. Heh.

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