Friday, November 27, 2009

Volunteering overload, but not Thanksgiving overload!

Made it through T-Bird day without overeating. There were 3, count 'em, THREE pies with ice cream for dessert. I did end up trying one, but took ONE, and a small slice. I didn't feel sick, I kept my portions within a realistic range, and I sorta even exercised a little today (moving fencing to enclose a different spot for the chickens), so I think it was a pretty good day!

Next week. Whoa. Am needing to decide what I want to do, I have no less than six opportunities to volunteer. Like Husband says, I don't HAVE to say yes to every one of them, but I know what ever I do, I need to pace myself, one is very active, (helping at a swine flu clinic), so I know I need to be honest with myself, and not just do and do and do, then drop. Which is more or less what I do most of the time, but who exactly does that help? Not me, as I end up dead tired, and usually pay for it by being in pain for a day or two, and usually not the second or third in volunteer line, as I am not exactly charming when in pain. So, planning is everything.

I just hope sometime that some of this volunteering could lead to a job, but I still enjoy it. Hope springing eternal and all that. I am just lucky I can volunteer... But a little extra $$$ wouldn't be objectionable.

Well, getting about lunch time. Have to dig into the left overs so they won't go to waste (but not too much, not wanting it to go to waist, either). Anyone going to make Turkey noodle soup?


  1. Dear Cat! Thank you so much for stopping my my blog! Can't wait to read more about your journey!

  2. Hello, and welcome! Random times, random topics, so hang on for the ride...

    Have a great one,


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