Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another squeaker...

I had that 'incident' with the cougar last week, and totally forgot about scale day. BUT, did remember today, for what it's worth... I was really, really not with the program, so to speak. I didn't watch what I ate, (unless watching it go in counts), no exercise to speak of, just a bad week. On the run, lots of just pick up snack and run. (My saving grace, I did make some effort to have healthy choices, except for the mints and hot chocolate... Hey, I love candy canes, so I decided ONE was okay.) So I got on the ol' scale sweating bullets.

LOST .2 pounds.

Whoa! Down? I mean, great, but... ???

Sometimes what I do, and what the scale says, just don't make sense. But I will gladly take a down, over an up, any day!

Now I just have to make it though the next week... I have 2 birthdays, (Dad and Husband) and Christmas coming up, otherwise known as "let's have lots and lots of food"! Bless Husband, he's been good about not nagging, but trying to help with, just asking how I am doing, am I actually hungry, and even if I want to take a walk, (he did recommend the road, rather than the hill, post cat...), I was so afraid to let him in on my weight loss battle, fearing that he'd be the food police, but he has been a great cheerleader.

I am going to make him cheesecake for his birthday. (Which is doubly good, he LOVES cheesecake. Me? I detest the stuff.)

So. What am I going to do when I go home? Make cookies for Christmas plates. Husband blew it with that one, though, he said, oh, make chocolate chip, you do those so well.

Gee. Great...

Only my favorite, and my personal Kryptonite. So. Put on the Supergirl Brand Lead Underpants and deal with it... I can do this! I have to remember I want 10 pounds off more than I want a cookie.

How many times do I have to repeat that before I actually stay out of the cookies, however?


  1. I so need to watch what I'm eating and I haven't worked out in a busy and so much going on....Keep up the great work!

  2. I believe I will reply, "Keep on, Keepin' on!" Thank you, and you take care of you, too!



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