Thursday, November 03, 2011

C. Caps, Christmas 'closet', and cat poll. (Pollcats?)

Well, I have been knitting caps for Christmas charity giving.  The green and brown ones are for soldiers, (there would be 2 brown ones, but Husband tried on one, and said, I like this one, it's mine.  Cool! Sure!  And to add to that, it's my homespun, so it's sort of Sheep to Chapeau...)  The smaller one is the lone starter cap for the local Shop with a Cop thing we do at the Office, they give out gift bags, and I am one of the "knitter elves".  I guess I have an "in", I know both Santa and Mrs. Claus personally!  (They are two other of the volunteers...  Man, oh man, do they have to pad Santa's belly, tho...)

I have a place for my Christmas gifts, (it's an advantage when you don't have kids, you don't have to work as hard to hide things), and as you can see-

It's not too full.  In fact, the one tin on the left is just that.  A tin, I put it there so I could use it for a gift box.  There is actually ONE gift in there, I just covered it up in case the recipient happened to look at the blog today.  Which also gives you an idea it's not exactly huge...  I have really liked having this little closet, I can get things as I find them, and have them all in one place at Christmas.  Only problem, I have to remember NOT to put the gift wrap or tape in there.  Occasionally, I go screaming like a mad woman into the room, DON'T OPEN THAT!!! Husband gets this deer in headlights expression as I swoop by and slam the door shut.  That's why I generally leave the tape and such on the table from December 1 on... Meh...

And lastly, a poll.  I am trying to decide for next year, stay with BTK the Cougar, or go with Lupe the Lion as my avatar?  My goal is to (try to) have it decorated for each month, holiday wise...  This could be sort of interesting, and at least make some fun for you who visit...  So, see the pictures below, and decide, cougar or lion?  (They are both pretty photogenic, I think.)

Please note, I have right of capriciousness, if I really decide I want one or the other...

So, please feel free to vote to the right... Vote early, vote often! (Sorry, couldn't resist!) ----->


  1. Love the look on the lion :-)

    Christmas, ohhhhh!

  2. Well, i voted for Lupe, just as a change of pace. They could trade off years, if BTK gets jealous.;)

    Your caps do look warm and like something soldiers (or others) would love to receive and use.

    As for the hiding things, and having to keep others out of it -- ugh! The only thing i've found that works is to find a friend, and you hide at her house, she hides at yours. Then, when the kids find stuff, they think they've outfoxed you, but haven't.

  3. I voted for Lupe too.

    Love the caps.

  4. Oh I love your caps. About the vote I voted for the cougar I don't know why. The other one reminds me of the Wizard of Oz :).
    The soldiers will love those hats.
    Christmas already I can't believe it. B

  5. You are so right about not having to find hiding places for presents once the wee ones aren't so wee anymore! In fact, not too long ago, my college boy asked if I was still stashing gifts behind the clothes in my closet! I guess I lot of our gifts weren't exactly surprises!
    Following Messymimi's line of thinking, my mom and her sister swapped large gifts one year. I had found the large 'walking' doll in the attic and was devastated when my mom asked me to get it and give it to my cousin :-( But, my Aunt had the doll my mother had purchased for me - so it all worked out, but it sure was a surprise!
    I am going against the crowd here... I prefer the clean lines of the cougar.

    Good luck!


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