Friday, July 24, 2015

Hang on, is it working???

We shall see if I can stay on here long enough for a blog post.  I have a great big Mastodon size bone to pick with a certain phone company.  I won't mention names, but if you happen to see a green starburst style symbol, run!  We were PROMISED, oh, you will get X amount of speed.


For about 2-3 weeks we were barely able to get up to DIAL UP speed!  And, with that being the case, I would start to write a blog, and the silly thing would time out.  So, no blog.  I need to figure out if I can write it on my Word program and transfer it, but haven't quite figured out how that will work.  If I do, you will probably see "Testing" in the header...

Anyway, it seems that someone finally took some sort of pity on us, and we have a minuscule speed increase.  It still isn't close to what we were told, however, it is fast enough that I am not being randomly dumped from all and every website I visit. So, with any luck, I shall be able to blog more than once a month at 2 in the morning... Pbbbbbbbbt.

So, I have the dreaded 13... Chicks.  I have been trying desperately to not name any of them.  Well, except Bullit, of course.  Well, okay, I named Cop Car, too.  But the rest have no names.  Honest!  They are all thriving, and all look like miniature adults, except poor little Bullit.  She (and yes, I am pretty sure she is a she), still has that gangly not quite feathered out look.  But she is a scrapper, and seems to get in there and be just as eager to go as any of the others. 

A few of the 13.
Cop Car. 
Buzz and Ding have now met each other, mostly through the door.  This hasn't gone superbly well, Ding was hissing and growling when she first got here, and Buzz has not forgotten this. I have taken Ding outside on a leash.  Buzz will flatten out, hiss like a leaky tire, then run away, confusing Ding, who now has decided that she wants a friend, and has pretty much now taken to mewing politely and straining at the leash. ('Heel' means jack cheese to a cat, I might add...)

Ding seems to have her own sense of comfort...
Rudee is shedding.  I have been trying to get the poor thing raked clean, so his undercoat doesn't make him so warm, (yes, rake, a comb just doesn't work, and I get filleted by his toenails), so we keep having these rolling tumblefluffs of dog hair around the place. But it does seem that he is having less fluff, so if I keep raking, I might find dog, eventually!  The weather here is ridiculous.  As a lifelong Oregonian, my webs are dehydrating, the weather has been regularly over 90.  Caught this one the other day.  Not my cup of (sun) tea...


I keep thinking that I wish we could share about 20 degrees of this with someone that is getting all the rain, and they could send us 3 or 4 inches of rain.  Oregon, the 'rain' state, has most of the 36 counties in a drought.  


Meanwhile, I received a bunch of trees that my Step Mom in Law didn't want, so after digging about for some planter pots, I have carefully nursed the little things.  I think I have about 6 of the original 10 left.  I will probably keep all the Redbud trees, they are one of my husband's favorites, I don't know what I will do with the rest, I already have several trees that I need to get planted... And yes, the one is a tomato plant... I guess you get volunteers, even though I thought I had fresh soil!  Maybe it was a seed stuck to the pot?  Meh. 

Baby Trees. 

Oh, and baby daffodils...
 I had to laugh when I caught this.  Dolly, my dark colored llama, loves the sun, and Toni, my light colored one, shady lady.  Yep, light shade, dark sun.  Go figure.

Well, the site has held so far, and with any luck, I will be able to start sending my fluff and nonsense to the blogosphere again.

Oh, and it's my birthday today... : )



  1. Happy Birthday, Cat!
    I feel your pain of slow net. I used to have to write my blog, then copy and paste and HOPE I could get a picture up. This Hot Spot is expensive, but, I can usually get on when I want to. Now I wish I had unlimited - I know - I am never happy with what I have.
    Loving the chicks, they are looking like chickens now! Can you pet them? Some like that.
    I can grow blueberries, but can we grow a red bud here? Nope. Good luck!

  2. Many happy returns of the day to you! It's great to see you posting, i hope you do get things ironed out with the internet company, or find a better one.

    Love the update on the animals and the plants, and have you tried a Furminator for Rudee? We have the cat version and it works wonders.

  3. Thanks for the update. And I hope you're having an exceptional birthday. Take care.


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