Thursday, February 22, 2024

And round and round we go...

 Had to go in for a follow-up on a medical issue that the doctor wants to keep an eye on. It's a familial thing, nothing going on, but just keeping aware of it. 

Which is fine, except I went for a check, then a follow up, and now will be having another follow-up, because they didn't get quite the info they needed on the first check... 

And I have a yearly coming up, too. I feel like I am seeing more doctors than anyone else! 

Which is funny, when I add, one of our friends, who is a retired doctor, will be visiting us this weekend. But I don't mind seeing that doctor! :)

Got home, I was going to do a few things, sat down, and promptly fell asleep.  Guess my oddball schedule caught up with me. But, I did get the kitchen cleaned up, and I believe I have a free day, so I can get about then. As far as housework goes, it will still be there! 

So, quiet evening, maybe some knitting or crochet, and see what I get around to.  Good weather coming here, might even get out to the garden tomorrow or the next day! 


messymimi said...

I do hope you get to stay home and get done the things you'd like to get done. Too many appointments too quickly just gets annoying.

Anonymous said...

Your mouth, God's ears, so to speak!