Wednesday, February 21, 2024

This is a blog.

I was up at my normal time (around 5 am) and stayed up until 11 yesterday. I did have a nap, so I am doing good today, for the most part...

I forgot to write a blog yesterday, however. So I am working on this one, this morning. 

Not much happened yesterday, was raining, so I crocheted on the blanket, I am actually getting a bit of size to it now... 4-5 inches, by precision eyeball. 

I was amazed, I need a size "L" hook for this project. I checked all my storage spots for that size. I had a huge variety of sizes, but Merry Christmas! (No L. Sorry, couldn't resist.) 

Well, Husband took his Dad out shopping, and I asked if he could pick me up one. He picked up two, so I have a spare. It's for the border, so I won't need it for a bit, but I have it.

I stayed up late watching a show I like, and knitted on a "chemo cap". Making it darker blue.  I have seen so many that are bright pink, and lots of light colors, I decided that they should have some for folks not inclined to brilliant clothing choices. I know several folks that would politely take the cap, then trash it or give it away.  Just more options, I guess. 

So, need to get my day started, so, all of you in blog land, have a great one, enjoy, and I will blog you again tomorrow! 


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messymimi said...

I hope it was an excellent day!